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Wheel Repairs and Refinishing Services

At Green's Wheel Repairs, we provide fast, efficient, and professional wheel repairs and refinishing services in Richmond and surrounding areas. Our shop utilizes the latest techniques and equipment to provide your wheels with a factory-like finish. We are certified to do ICBC repairs, so you can be sure your wheels are being repaired in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Act and Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations. 

Our experienced team of technicians can handle any type of wheel repair, and it doesn't matter which material your wheel is made of. If you're interested in a quote, please send us a photo of your wheel at or drop by our shop during regular hours. We would be happy to get you back on the road with wheels that look as good as new!

A picture of a wheel in need of structural repair.

Structural Repairs

At Green's Wheel Repairs, we specialize in structural repairs for your wheels, including:

  • Curbed and scratched wheels: We can repair curb damage and scratches on your wheels, making them look like new again.

  • Bent, out-of-round, and cracked wheels: Our skilled technicians can straighten your wheels, ensuring they run safely on the road.

  • Two and three-piece construction and re-seals of multi-piece wheels: We are experienced in repairing wheels, ensuring they are structurally sound and leak-free.

Cosmetic Repairs

We also offer cosmetic repairs to enhance the appearance of your wheels, including:

  • Corrosion and oxidized wheels: Our refinishing process can remove any corrosion and oxidation, restoring your wheels' shine.

  • Colour changes: We offer various colours and clear coat finishes for your wheels, allowing you to customize your vehicle.

  • Two tones and custom finishing: Our technicians can create unique finishes to make your wheels stand out from the crowd.

Types of Material

We are equipped to work on various wheel materials, including:

  • Steel Wheels: We can repair and refinish steel wheels to restore them to their original condition.

  • Aluminum Wheels: Our skilled technicians are experienced in repairing and refinishing aluminum wheels, ensuring they look and perform like new ones.

  • Magnesium Wheels: We have the expertise to repair and restore magnesium wheels to their original finish.

  • Carbon Fiber (Limited): We can provide limited repairs for carbon fibre wheels, ensuring they are structurally sound and safe to use.


Finishes We Can Work On

Get a wide range of finishes to make your wheels look their best, including:

  • Machine finish and diamond-cut wheels: Avail of a precise, machine-like finish for your wheels or a diamond-cut finish for a unique look.

  • Painted wheels one and two-tone: We offer a variety of paint colours for your wheels, including one and two-tone options.

  • Polished finishes: We can restore the shine of your polished wheels, ensuring they look as good as new.

  • Powder-coated and anodized wheels: While we do not offer powder coating or re-anodizing, we can repair your wheels and offer alternative finishing solutions to suit your needs.

A picture of a part of a car wheel.

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