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Widening & Narrowing of Steel and Aluminum Wheels

We understand that choosing custom wheels for your vehicle isn't always a straightforward task. That is why we offer custom wheel modifications at Green's Wheel Repairs in Richmond and surrounding areas. We have been customizing wheels for various vehicles since 1953, thanks to our founder Blackie Green and his son Bob. Now, three generations later, our family talent for custom wheel fabrication is headed up by Brad Green. We have a unique skill that can help you bring your dream project to life!

If you would like us to help you with customized wheels, email us a picture of your wheels at, and we'll get back to you with quotes and timeframes.

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Custom Services We Offer

Our team of experts specializes in widening and narrowing wheels, increasing backspacing, bore center holes and more for all vehicles, including cars and trucks.

Narrowing Wheels:

We offer narrow wheel services for specialty applications in steel and aluminum. Our skilled technicians will ensure the modified wheels run smoothly, but we always recommend double-checking your measurements.

Widening Wheels:

If you have difficulty fitting wheels onto your vehicle, we can help you by widening the wheels. We specialize in specialty applications in steel and aluminum and can help you find the perfect fit for your vehicle.

Swapping Centers:

Our team is capable of swapping centers into different shells. If you want to change the look of your wheels, we can help you achieve it!

Moving Welded-in Centers:

Change the offset of your wheels by moving the welded-in centers.

Centre Bore Sizes:

We can open up centre bore sizes to fit other applications. Our team can ensure that your wheels fit perfectly on your vehicle.

Increase Backspacing:

Our experts can increase backspacing by machining and shaving the hubs. If you want to achieve a custom look, we can help you by expanding the backspacing of your wheels.

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Book Wheel Consultation Today

Our custom wheel fabrication services will help you create the wheels of your dreams.

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